Values of Team Schein

Values of Team Schein

At Henry Schein, we believe that the success of our business-and of our people-is due to our values. Our rich history and the power of our values have provided a strong foundation for our Company's present successes and future growth.Values of Team Schein

We realize that our Team Schein Members are our greatest asset, and we strive to ensure that all Team Schein Members reach their fullest potential. We provide the support and resources necessary for them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Henry Schein, Inc. while reinforcing our emphasis on ethical behavior, professional and personal integrity, and mutuality -- the belief that together Henry Schein Inc. and its Team Members are responsible for the success of our Company.

At Henry Schein, we believe in the domino effect—we each have an impact on one another. It is an illustration of our entrepreneurial spirit.

Our commitment to our values reflects our continuous pursuit of the ideals that drive our Team Schein spirit, and fosters an environment of mutual responsibility, creativity, and open communication that are the guiding principles of Henry Schein's corporate culture.