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18th Annual Holiday Cheer For ChildrenDecember 2016
18th Annual Holiday Cheer For Children
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Inaugural Henry Schein Cares MedalAugust 2016
19th Annual 'Back to School' Program
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More Than $100,000 Donated To Aid Hurricane Matthew Recovery EffortsNovember 2016
More Than $100,000 Donated To Aid Hurricane Matthew Recovery Efforts
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The Henry Schein Cares Foundation Supports Community Caring

April 2012 — The Henry Schein Cares Foundation donated oral hygiene products to five community organizations across the United States including Dental Connections, Familia Dental, Roseman University, the Mission Study Club, and Project Homeless Connect in conjunction with the Shasta Community Health Center. All of these programs seek to increase access to health care through treatment and education, the mission of the Henry Schein Cares Foundation.


Dental Connections is a partnership of the Heath District of Northern Larimer County in Colorado, Women's Resource Center, and other private dentists. This newly launched program works to expand access to dental care and encourage patients to practice better oral self care.


Familia Dental operates a unique mobile unit throughout various parts of Texas and Illinois that makes it possible for dental professionals to visit several schools and educate young people about oral health. These education sessions typically include presentations and interactive exercises. Students are provided with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and are encouraged to share what they have learned with their families.


Roseman University's main campus in Nevada offers various student-initiated educational and outreach activities throughout the year, including health festivals that address prevention, early detection, and treatment of disease.


The Mission Study Club was recently formed with the intent that improving services and sharing ideas could promote the engagement of community members in the San Francisco area. As a way to give back, volunteers from the group host festivals in which oral hygiene kits, educational brochures, and free dental screenings are provided.


The Shasta Community Health Center in California supports Project Homeless Connect, a program that increases access to essential hygiene items as well as other services that work toward ending homelessness.


Henry Schein, Inc. also provides an ongoing supply of health care products to local community clinics through its Global Product Donation Program to support its other initiatives.