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18th Annual Holiday Cheer For ChildrenDecember 2016
18th Annual Holiday Cheer For Children
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Inaugural Henry Schein Cares MedalAugust 2016
19th Annual 'Back to School' Program
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More Than $100,000 Donated To Aid Hurricane Matthew Recovery EffortsNovember 2016
More Than $100,000 Donated To Aid Hurricane Matthew Recovery Efforts
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Henry Schein Cares Foundation Supports Homeless, Young Mothers, Homebound Seniors, and Migrant Farm Workers in California

June 2012 — The Henry Schein Cares Foundation recently donated more than 80,000 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste to Direct Relief International. The organization's Personal Packs program distributes essential hygiene items to Santa Barbara charities that serve the homeless, young mothers, homebound seniors, and migrant farm workers. Direct Relief has distributed nearly 60,000 Personal Packs since 1992.

Direct Relief International provides medical assistance to improve the quality of life of people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest globally. The organization supplies health care providers in more than 70 countries with medicines and durable medical equipment and consumables so they can care for their patients.


In addition to the Personal Packs program, Henry Schein Cares Foundation's supplies will be used for Operation Stand Down and the Healthy Smiles program. Operation Stand Down supports homeless veterans in Santa Barbara County with a range of services, including housing assistance, counseling, employment opportunities, health services, legal issues, etc. Healthy Smiles provides low-income families with dental hygiene kits in Santa Barbara County. Since 1994, volunteers have been assembling and distributing these dental hygiene kits as well as providing oral health prevention education.


Henry Schein, Inc. also provides an ongoing supply of health care products to Direct Relief International through its Global Product Donation Program to support its other initiatives.