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18th Annual Holiday Cheer For ChildrenDecember 2016
18th Annual Holiday Cheer For Children
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Inaugural Henry Schein Cares MedalAugust 2016
19th Annual 'Back to School' Program
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More Than $100,000 Donated To Aid Hurricane Matthew Recovery EffortsNovember 2016
More Than $100,000 Donated To Aid Hurricane Matthew Recovery Efforts
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Henry Schein Cares Foundation supports Virginia Dental Associationís Mission of Mercy

June 2012 — The Henry Schein Cares Foundation has joined Henry Schein, Inc. in supporting the Virginia Dental Association's Mission of Mercy Project (Project M.O.M.). Henry Schein, Inc. has been supporting Project M.O.M. for over 10 years. The Association launched the first Project M.O.M. in 2000 and has continued to host dental clinics for uninsured and underserved populations throughout Virginia. Project M.O.M. operates in clinics that are easily accessible and offers shuttles for patients requiring transportation.


Project M.O.M. volunteers provide initial screenings to develop a care plan for each patient. At each of these events hundreds of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and others work together to perform services ranging from simple cleanings to extractions.


In 2011, the Virginia Dental Association presented Henry Schein Cares with its first ever Corporate Partner Award to recognize its ongoing efforts to enhance the services of the Mission of Mercy programs.


This year at the 2012 BDA Mission of Mercy/RAM Project, a young man named Jonathan arrived with his mother with serious dental problems. The denture team had a full schedule of patients and fabricated nearly 100 arches of dentures this year at the RAM clinic, but after seeing the work that had to be done on Jonathan, no one was letting this young man leave without a proper treatment plan. Dr. Scott Miller performed the extensive work, including removing Jonathan's maxillary anterior teeth, two molars, and finishing up by replacing his front teeth with new ones. “The folks of coal country need more help than they can receive in a weekend of free dental care. They need preventive care and jobs with benefits,” stated Dr. Miller. Asked how this treatment changed his life, Jonathan replied that he has been able to play ball all day because his teeth do not hurt anymore.


For the past decade, Henry Schein Cares and the Henry Schein Cares Foundation has donated oral health care products and equipment valued at more than $250,000. These donations have helped provide free oral health care to more than 41,000 patients in underserved communities in 61 different locations across the United States.


Henry Schein, Inc. also provides an ongoing supply of health care products to the Virginia Dental Association through its Global Product Donation Program to support its other initiatives.