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A Word from the Medalists



"Winning the Inaugural Henry Schein Cares Medal has brought tremendous prestige and honor to our St. Vincent de Paul Charity Dental Clinic here in South Phoenix, Arizona. It has been a huge boost in helping us sustain our Mission to provide quality dental treatment to the underserved in our community. We do not ask for nor receive government funding and therefore rely solely on grants and donations. This Award has shown our many wonderful donors that their faith and support in our Clinic has been justified. It has also enabled us to attract many new donors. We show the award, which hangs proudly in our clinic, to every visitor and volunteer that comes to our clinic. We always stop them in front of the award and share with them how it felt that moment on stage in Texas when the winner was announced. The wonderful reception we received by all those in the audience was overwhelming. I still get chills just thinking about it. Thank you Henry Schein for this Blessing to our clinic."

Dr. Ken Snyder
Dental Director
Diocesan Council for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Phoenix
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medalist - Dental

"Being a finalist for the Henry Schein Cares Medal was an honor in itself, and it's given us an added boost in other applications for other grants. Receiving a grant from Henry Schein Cares has also been an incentive to other dental manufacturers to give generously."

Michael Koonce
Executive Director
San Diego Dental Health Foundation
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist - Dental


Animal Health

"We are so grateful to be the recipient of the Henry Schein Gold Medal. The product that is being donated allows us to provide veterinary services to our guide dogs in training, as well as working dogs who are providing life-changing support to their blind and visually impaired handlers.

Financial support is also mission critical. Henry Schein's support is making a difference in the lives of our graduates. At Guiding Eyes for the Blind we provide exceptionally trained guide dogs and a lifetime of support to our graduates for free, so corporate support like Henry Schein's makes our work possible."

Julia Hadlock
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Guiding Eyes for the Blind
2017 Henry Schein Cares Gold Medalist - Animal Health

"We are so honored to receive the Henry Schein Cares medal this year. It allowed us to expand and extend our critical mission in so many different ways: The recognition validated the hard work of our entire team as we seek new ways to end the killing of cats and dogs across Northeast Florida, Southeast Georgia and around the nation; The opportunity to meet, and share best practices, with other industry and thought leaders provided us with new ideas and a powerful network moving forward; and the cash grant and product that came with the Medal allowed us and our team of almost two dozen veterinarians, support staff and passionate volunteers to offer even more care to pets and the people who love them in low-income and underserved communities, and all those who call upon us, in our hospital, clinic and beyond.

We are grateful for the recognition, the support and our ongoing partnership with Henry Schein."

Rob Levine
Chief Development Officer
First Coast No More Homeless Pets
2017 Henry Schein Cares Silver Medalist - Animal Health

"Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) is so proud to be the recipient of this year’s Henry Schein Cares Bronze Medal. Through the support and generosity of Henry Schein, our grassroots Community Pets Program will be able to keep hundreds more pets in local communities safe, healthy and in their forever, loving homes by expanding our ability to provide free vaccines, microchips and wellness services at our clinics throughout the Bronx. ACC has established itself as a vital community resource by providing key resources to enable pet retention and we are truly grateful to have our work recognized by Henry Schein Cares!"

Robert Valles
Field Manager
Animal Care Centers of NYC
2017 Henry Schein Cares Bronze Medalist - Animal Health

"Winning the Henry Schein Cares Medal has helped PAW Team in numerous ways. The cash reward allowed us to increase staff hours, allowing us to help more people and animals in our community. The product reward allowed us to save money on purchasing medical supplies and has ensured our clinic is well stocked. And best of all, the reward has given PAW Team national recognition, helping us secure additional grant funding, donors, and volunteers. We couldn't be more thankful to win this award and the pets of the homeless are happier and healthier thanks to the support we received from Henry Schein."

Dr. Mary Blankevoort
Medical Team Chair
Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medalist - Animal Health

"As a Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist, Helping Paws has been recognized by the Veterinary industry as a noble way of "Giving Back" to the community in which we serve. We thank Henry Schein for their support of our Foundation allowing us to pursue our standard for others to follow."

Dr. Craig Mohnacky
Helping Paws
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist - Animal Health

"Being a Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist has increased our network in the animal medical, and shelter field. We share best practices with other medalists and relate to one another on the impact of our work regionally. The generous product donation is budget relieving, lifesaving and helps us prevent the spread of disease."

Kim Goldberg
Giving Director
Humane Society For Seattle – King County
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist - Animal Health



"With the support and assistance of Henry Schein, we will be able to grow our medical services while sharing HOPE with those who need it most. Receiving the Medal was not only affirming and exciting, but was an inspiration for us to continue to seek partners and services with whom we can serve the marginalized and disadvantaged."

Sr. Debbie Blow, OP
Executive Director
North Country Mission of Hope
2017 Henry Schein Cares Silver Medalist - Medical

"Receiving the Henry Schein Cares award was a tremendous honor for Hands Up for Haiti. Being recognized for our efforts by such a prestigious company gave us national recognition and support for our mission. The funds we received were crucial this year and helped support our medical staff on the ground as we expanded our maternal and child health programs, and created additional programs in cervical cancer prevention and treatment of hypertension. The supplies we received became life-saving humanitarian aid after Hurricane Matthew devastated the south and the hurricane and other storms in the north caused major flooding and damage in our area in Cap Haitian. We were able to distribute the hospital supplies to a sister medical center hit by the hurricane and devastated by the disaster, supply our own clinics and also help to supply the maternity, pediatric and surgical centers in our partner hospitals in Cap Haitian that serve our patients. Because of this, the impact of the Henry Schein Cares award was far reaching and will help many people in Haiti beyond even the reach of our organization."

Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento
Hands Up for Haiti
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medalist - Medical

"Being a Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist brings opportunities to build partnerships with the other Finalist organizations that lets us all better serve our communities."

Steven Voon
Chief Operating Officer
Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist - Medical

"The villagers in a remote village in Kenya spend about 50% of their income in order to buy enough kerosene so their children can have enough light at night to study. With the grant money we received from the Henry Schein Cares Medal, we were able to provide 125 solar lamps. In addition to eliminating the harmful fumes the children would inhale, we were able to double the income of each family! Thank you, Henry Schein!"

Dr. Leon Klempner
Smile Rescue Fund for Kids
2016 Henry Schein Cares Medal Finalist - Medical